Hermosa Beach is a great place to come home to.

Moreover, some of the greatest stories take place in our own back yard…


“The Book”


Does anybody out there still LOVE books? In celebration of those dusty things in your garage, I made this short tribute to our kids, our community and our schools

Click here for a preview of “The Book” from Wild Eyes Productions

“What Happens Next Will Shock You”


A new Documentary Film by David Keane

Screened at ShockBoxx Gallery in Hermosa Beach, followed by a  community discussion on Social Media, what it does to our families, our communities, our country, and our kids.  How our little town can take the lead.

Preview of What Happens Next Will Shock You from Wild Eyes Productions

To have a look at the write up on Easy Reader News click here.


Policia 2017-07-19

Premier screening was very engaging with the audience and we had a great time at our preliminary screening at ShockBoxx Gallery here in Hermosa.  With some spirited discussion that followed. Safe to say this has people talking. We’ve had numerous requests for en encore, so stay tuned for details.


Lots of media coverage earned and happy to share some below…

So you wanna be a Producer? Take your idea and make one of these. Here are a few of our favorites that prove we were just too sophisticated—or weird—for our time.

Guns and Butter title“Guns & Butterfat”: A real life Spook and a Stand-up Comedian travel together to the most dangerous places on Earth.  Click HERE for a preview.




Para Weddings“Paranormal Weddings”: It’s your big day. What if EVERYONE could be there?  Click HERE for a preview.





Dough Bros Title“Dough Bros”: A pair of quirky Canadian brothers and their pals take a wild slap shot at an American culinary Dream.   Click HERE for a preview.




Gang Turf Title“Gang-life”: YOU try to get production insurance for this one.  Click HERE for a preview.