One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.

How you view the World depends largely on your perspective. Wild Eyes has travelled around the globe and sat down with everyone from World Leaders to wanted terrorists…from athletes, artists and activists, to warriors and healers…from the opulent and extravagant to the indigenous and the oppressed. Our objective has always been to allow them to tell their stories as viewed from their perspective, often expressed with eyes that are wild with excitement, wonder, laughter or fear. That’s how we got our name. Wild Eyes Productions—‘’The World In Their Eyes.”

For nearly two decades, Wild Eyes has producing award-winning film and television projects in over 90 countries across the World, specializing in hard action and working in conflict and war zones. From History’s Emmy Nominated True Story of Black Hawk Down and Heroes Under Fire, to A&E’s The Squad and Iced: US Marshals Alaska, to National Geographic’s Inside The Taliban and Inside Al Qaeda, to Discovery’s miniseries Guests of the Ayatollah and even Bullproof—the first action docu-series filmed entirely in 3D.

Today that same passion, wisdom and expertise for storytelling advances the goals of everything from Fortune 500 companies to the endowments of local schools.

Wild Eyes is a small town company with a Worldview. Our brand of narrative non-fiction is strongly rooted in journalistic integrity, with a willingness to hear out all sides and walk the battlefield. When we went on Bin Laden’s trail for both History and Discovery, our findings were cited in the final 9/11 Commission Report. We’ve been entrusted with incredible access to groups like the FBI, CIA, US Marshals, and all branches of the US Military. Once on patrol with Special forces in Afghanistan, David Keane was politely asked NOT to film a piece of classified equipment, but enthusiastically urged to retrieve it in the event of an ambush. In fact some of what we’ve seen can’t be discussed. We honor that commitment of earned trust with tremendous pride.

David Keane
Writer / Director / Shooter / Show-runner

Filmmaker David Keane founded Wild Eyes Productions in 2000 after 12 years in motion pictures, television and documentaries. He’s gained a steady reputation as a versatile storytelling Show-runner, Writer, Director and Producer of the difficult to near impossible.

Keane’s films have taken him around the world numerous times via every type of plane, train, helicopter, tank, motorcycle, boat, and/or beast. He’s raided drug cartels by chopper over Brazil, trekked on camels with Bedouins through Israel, explored emerald mines with shepherds in the Hindu Kush, faced terrorists with the bomb squad in Northern Ireland, and slipped inside the former US Embassy in Teheran now occupied by the Revolutionary Guard. He’s been interrogated by the KGB, dined with communist rebels, ridden in Presidential motorcades – even danced the tango in Argentina.

Keane’s productions have led to some tight situations. He’s been strong-armed by rebels in Papua New Guinea, bombed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, and trapped in a gun battle in South Africa – not to mention the time he was held at gunpoint by his own driver in the Philippines. He’s traversed The Khyber Pass from both the Pakistan and Afghanistan sides. The hardships of illegal border crossings, sickness, seized cameras and guns tensed in anger have paid off in several storytelling breakthroughs. Keane was one of the first Westerners to film an undercover drug bust in China – from investigation, to arrest, to interrogation and incarceration. He’s captured the suicide train rides of Rio’s “surfistas.’ He’s interviewed warlords in Somalia, questioned friends and relatives of Bin Laden in Saudi Arabia, and traveled through the rebel-infested jungles of Columbia to interview “The Most Feared Man in Colombia–Carlos Castano—of Netflix’s “Narcos” fame, who was ultimately tortured and killed by his own paramilitary death squads.

Keane has sat down with a number of world leaders such as Condoleezza Rice, Hamid Karzai, and Pervez Musharraf. He’s also chatted-up a variety of warlords, drug kingpins, and wanted international terrorists. In fact a good many of Keane’s interview subjects are sadly deceased.

Keane has numerous executive producing, writing and directing credits from nearly every non-fiction cable network. He’s also written and created dramatic television series and feature scripts based on both his own non-fiction experience and original concepts. His screenwriting has been recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences as a finalist for the Nichols Prize.

Keane graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Political Science.

Conor Morris

Conor Morris partnered with Wild Eyes Productions in 2018 after 15 years in Documentaries and Non-fiction Television.

Morris joined Wild Eyes Productions from Pilgrim Media Group where his work included over 80 episodes of National Geographic’s highest rated show Wicked Tuna and the spinoff series Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s live digital competition series The Runner, as well as Discovery Channel’s Shark Week for which he helmed both the highest and second highest rated shows in its 30 year history (Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives / Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine.)

Prior to Pilgrim Media Group, Morris served as a Producer on a number of series. Fire Chasers for Netflix. Flying Wild Alaska and Bering Sea Gold for Discovery Channel as well as Swamp People for History Channel.

Morris’s work has led him around the world to tell other’s stories. He’s trekked the Sahara Desert with Bedouin tribes in Morocco, braved 60 below in Alaska’s Arctic Circle for numerous productions, and filmed with Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan to tell the story of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. He’s documented the Great Wildebeest Migration through Kenya’s Maasai Mara and the plight of Silverback Gorillas in Virunga, drug addiction in the Golden Triangle, Prison Inmates, and Islamic Extremists in the Philippines.

Morris graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Degree in Film and Business. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife Robyn and their Wheaten Terrier, Clover.

Arcadia Berjonneau

Born in France and raised in Russia, Nigeria and far-flung Santa Monica, Arcadia is a renowned and respected Film & Television Executive who has overseen numerous award-winning series and event specials for a variety of Networks. Prior to Wild Eyes Productions, Arcadia was an executive in distribution and gained extensive experience working the content markets in LA, New York, London, Milan and Cannes.