This new documentary film by David Keane explores the phenomenon of social media in modern social activism…its impact on our society, our communities, our country, and our collective integrity.

Where journalism—the press—was once regarded as a crucial element to the advancement of any movement, traditional media, print and broadcast, is now increasingly seen as an intrusion and a detriment.  “The Truth”, as presented by traditional journalists, is a roll of the dice when compared to creating and distributing your own ”narrative” via social media. Modern Social movements, often as powerful as and comparable to multinational corporations—and Presidents—cannot afford to have their stories told by forces beyond their control.

Keane documented and filmed everything from a battle against oil drilling at his own surf break in Hermosa Beach, to a contentious and sometimes physical fight against perceived over-development in Baja Sur, Mexico, to a national scandal at the University The University of Missouri, Colombia that forced the University President to resign almost overnight.  Keane also took his cameras to Paris and Brussels, where victims—including members of his own family—cope with the havoc wreaked by arguably the most insidious social movement ever born and organized on social media….ISIS.