Narrative non-fiction is our foundation and our bread and butter. This is what keeps us ambulating around the World, always exploring, always learning, and always eager to share.


Corporate Storytelling and PSA’s

“We are obsessed with stories. Allow us to become obsessed with YOUR story.

There’s an incredible story behind your business or organization that you many not even realize. We want to ask questions, talk to your people, study, listen…and professionally and artistically deliver your story—much like we deliver to History, Discovery or Netflix—in a way that maximizes your business, raises your profile and moves people.

Prepare for you and your team to be extraordinarily stoked and proud of yourselves.


prevent-cancer-foundation-logo    Charlottes Web  If you’re looking for Ghost Pepper Media you’re in the right place—we’ve merged with the Wild Eyes Media group.

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Results Critical: every precious frame helps tell a story with a purpose, a voice, and a powerful visual style.

We have done spots for International Trucks, Calloway Golf and Cinch Jeans 

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We Want You To Binge

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Scripted Entertainment

Spanning the globe, we encounter so many fresh, new characters & untold stories, Hollywood often comes calling.

“Delta Force Prison Project” We sold this pitch to Warner Bothers based on a secret mission by America’s top Special Forces team, DELTA FORCE.
thr-logo (click logo for article)  “…Michael De Luca is producing along with David Keane, “Black Hawk Down” author Mark Bowden and Aaron Bowden via their Wild Eyes banner.
The project tells the true story of the riots and siege of Atlanta Federal Penitentiary in 1987. Cuban and American prisoners seized control of the maximum-security facility and took more than 100 federal prison staff members hostage. The situation was so extreme that the FBI’s hostage rescue team was ill-equipped to handle the riots, and Delta Force, the Special Forces detachment, was called in to retake the prison.”


“The Target”: A pilot written by David Keane and Mark Bowden in development at FX

The Target

A haunted and disgraced former Special Forces Commander is secretly underwritten by the US government to take out its targets.