The Dark Art Of Interrogation

Produced for the History Channel. Featuring best selling author Mark Bowden as well as CIA and special forces interrogators, Dark Art Chronicles the evolution of interrogation from conflict to conflict and grapples with our current moral dilemma.


Today espionage, terror and psychological warfare collide at specially-designed prisons like Guantanamo Bay where masters of information-gathering practice the age-old art of interrogation. After 9/11 the US and other countries initiated a new rationale about use of elaborate psychological manipulation to ward off world terrorism. Enter that shadowy world with former CIA Agent Keith Hall who defends his brutal interrogation of a Lebanese terrorist suspect. Meet Michael Koubi an Israeli interrogator whose theatrics and deception produce exceptional results. Special Forces operative Bill Cowan explains how battlefield interrogations in Vietnam helped save lives and US POWs describe the hell they endured. Former Afghan and Pakistani occupants of Camp X-Ray and Palestinian terrorist suspects also offer firsthand accounts. Best-selling author Mark Bowden (Black Hawk Down) guides us through a morally gray world the government would rather you not enter.


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History Channel


March 9, 2016