Produced by Wild Eyes productions for 3Net. This was the first docu-sportumentary reality series shot in native 3D. Critically acclaimed, this is one of the best reality shows on TV! It is currently airing on 3Net and on the Audience channel on Direct TV. The series follows the work and lives of the bullfighters on the CBR (Championship Bull Riding) tour. It is packed with action, drama, comedy and excitement.

The Squad: Prison Police

Wild Eyes Productions produced this reality series for A&E. It is described as “The First 48” behind bars. Imagine a city populated entirely by the nation’s worst criminals and it’s your job to police them. A prison is that city and “The Squad” is that police force. “The Squad” is a specially trained team that responds to and investigates every major crime in the prison – from riots and assaults, to organized crime and drugs, to stabbings and murder. “The Squad” functions as detectives, SWAT and CSI all rolled into one. Each episode follows at least one investigation from beginning to end.


Jillians’s Travels

Follow Jillian and jack as they go to Africa on a Safari to see the most beautiful animals in the wild!  Their adventure is entertaining for kids and the whole family!


The Mission

The Mission was produced for The History Channel.  This pilot one hour reality show followed the DSS while they protected our US Embassies abroad in some of the most dangerous posts in the world.

Black Hawk Down

The True Story of Black Hawk Down

Produced for The History Channel, this documentary is about the events that took place in Somalia in 1993 based on Mark Bowden’s book. This is a compelling minute-by minute look at the battle that claimed 18 American lives on October 3, 1993. US Rangers and Somali militiamen share their harrowing experiences, and former officials from Aidid’s organization rec=veal how they were able to uses the attack to their advantage. Finally, diplomats and high ranking officers reflects on the incident’s legacy, including the widely-held assumption that if weakened America’s resolve to send troops abroad.  Balancing exceptional combat footage, brilliant commentary and the recollection of those who were there, THE TRUE STORY OF BLACK HAWK DOWN is an unforgettable look at modern warfare.


Skeletons on the Sahara

This two hour documentary was produced by Wild Eyes Productions for The History Channel based on Dean King’s book, “Skeletons on the Sahara.” The film is about a Connecticut merchant ship that shipwrecks in 1815 off the west coast of Africa. Captured by Arab nomads, Captain James Riley and his crew are sold into brutal slavery and marched across the exotic and deadly vistas of the Saharan Desert, where skin boil, eyeballs burn, lips black and men shrivel to less than 90 pounds. Along the way the Americans encounter everything that could possible test them: barbarism, murder, starvation, and hostile tribes that roam the desert on armies of camels. But Riley and his men will also discover ancient cities, secret oasis and a culture largely unknown to the modern world. they forge an unlikely bond with a Muslim slave trader who might hold the key to their survival. This friendship, initially hindered by mistrust, grows with an open-mindedness and understanding that seems especially relevant today, as the tenuous evolution of the relationship between the western and Arab worlds continues.