A documentary on the recent rediscovery of the Tilla-Teppe (Golden Mound) treasures in Afghanistan. A treasure of 21,000 ancient gold coins and artifacts, rivaled in value only by the riches of King Tut, are discovered in Afghanistan in 1978 and placed in a vault in a Kabul museum. Seven men are entrusted with keys to the vault and then dispersed around the world, their identities protected by museum staffers who endure beatings and threats to their families. Invading Russians and oppressive Taliban rulers try desperately to penetrate the vault, to no avail. What would become of the treasure? This special reveals how the incredible story of the Afghan gold ended – a story to rival any of the great treasure hunts of history.


This is the story of the discovery and loss of one of the most valuable treasures known to man. Afghanistan’s Bactrian Gold! Forged in an era of constant struggle, the priceless treasure dates back 2000 years to the ancient Kingdom of Bactria, conquered by Alexander the Great in 327 BC and was rivaled in value only by the Egyptian treasures of King Tutankhamen. In 1978, the Bactrian Gold is suddenly unearthed by a team of Russian and Afghan Archaeologists, bringing a horrible curse of warfare along with it. As the nation of Afghanistan falls into a downward spiral of destruction, warring factions fight to possess the country’s greatest treasure. Amidst the chaos, one man has the forethought to stash the Bactrian Gold away for SAFEKEEPING…in a secret, impenetrable vault that can only be opened with the simultaneous application of seven keys, which are sent to separate corners of the world. However, as 23 years of warfare takes its toll on the country, experts begin to doubt whether the gold is still safe, as signs that is has been pillaged begin to surface. Further casting doubt of its existence, the Taliban regime goes on a barbaric hunt to wipe-out all cultural artifacts of its kind, including the demolition of the worlds famous giant Buddhas of Bamiyan. IN the end, the Unites States-led war on terror brings forth a resolution to the mystery of the Afghan Gold, one that serves as a symbol of hope for the war-stricken nation of Afghanistan.


The History Channel


March 9, 2016


Documentaries, Reality TV