Produced for The national Geographic Channel. This two-hour documentary tells the story of the Taliban and their return to power in Afghanistan after America’s win in the war after 9/11.

For 8 years the Taliban and Al-Qaeda have bogged down US and NATO troops in Afghanistan – all the while seizing territory and creating chaos in nuclear-armed Pakistan. THE FILM documents the fight on the ground and in the skies above these border regions controlled by the Taliban, known as ‘Talibanistan’. Inside this de facto country is a small sliver of land, the Federally Administered Tribal AREAS, where BIN Laden and the Taliban leadership are thought to be hiding. Under pressure from the US, Pakistan ANNOUNCES that it WILL launch a military campaign to destroy the Taliban. The Taliban RESPOND with a series of brazen attacks against the Pakistani Army, police, and civilians, leaving the US in doubt over Pakistan’s ability to secure its nuclear weapons, and its own ability to fight the agile Taliban in Afghanistan. Is this Obama’s Vietnam or will he be the first to pacify Afghanistan?


National Geographic Channel.


October 7, 2013