Heroes Under Fire

A 13 episode series produced for The History Channel that explores the bonds of loyalty and dependence that develop between men during combat. The series documents the courage of our nation’s “True Heroes.” Each week, viewers learn about the soldiers who venture behind enemy lines to rescue hostages, gather intelligence, or perform acts of sabotage. This series will bring us closer than ever to the experiences of everyday soldiers and the extraordinary skill and daring they show in the service of their country.

The first episode in the series tells the story of events that took place in Vietnam August 23, 1968. It tells the story of the SOG, a Green Beret unit specializing in highly classified missions into Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and how they miraculously repelled an invasion. While unfortunately many heroes died, THESE HEROES SURVIVED during the Vietnam War, a daring group of Army Green Berets known as SOG LAUNCH highly classified missions into neighboring countries Laos and Cambodia, in an attempt to foil the cross-border activities of the North Vietnamese Army.


The “Secret War” as it is known, is fought by SOG’s unique blend of elite, highly trained American and indigenous troops who, while grossly outnumbered, brazenly venture into combat. On October 5th, 1968, SOG Spike Team Alabama is deployed into a high threat area of Laos ON A reconnaissance mission to silently track a regiment of enemy troops.

However, within the first minutes of their operation, Alabama’s worst nightmare becomes a reality when they realize they’ve fallen into a horrible trap set by the North Vietnamese Army. Outnumbered a thousand to one, Spike Team Alabama will fight a staggering battle for their lives, and earn their place amongst the greatest in the history of American WARRIORS.


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The History Channel


October 7, 2013


Documentaries, Reality TV