Produced for The History Channel. This is the incredible story of the CIA’s hunt for the Al Qaeda-linked terrorists who kidnapped Martin and Gracia Burnham.


Based on best-selling author Mark Bowden’s acclaimed article in the Atlantic Magazine, STALKING JIHAD is the THRILLING story of the CIA’s hut for the al Qaeda-linked terrorists who kidnapped Martin and Gracia Burnham. The Burnhams, an American missionary couple, were held as hostages of the notoriously brutal Abu Sayyaf Group for over a year in the Philippines. The CIA tracked the Burnhams’ kidnappers through the jungle for months before America’s clandestine Filipino agents finally cornered the terrorists on the high seas. STALKING JIHAD is a two-hour History Channel documentary featuring exclusive interviews with Mark Bowden, Gracia Burnham and the Philippine Marines who carried out the CIA’s secret mission. Classified CIA surveillance video of the terrorists’ demise is shown for the first time on television. Box-office king Jerry Bruckheimer has already purchased the feature film rights to this story.


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The History Channel


October 7, 2013